Throwback to Summertime: A Trip to Acapulco


It’s getting to that point where wearing a sweater outside is no longer up for discussion. It has officially reached below 70 degrees in California.

Cue the world’s smallest violin


Not to worry, here is a bit of sunshine to warm you up!

This past August, I had the pleasure of visiting my birthplace Acapulco Guererro. Not only did it have breathtaking views but the food was to die for! on top of that, the dining experience is nothing compared to the US.

Starting up with something that is a little familiar to the tongue, Mickey Dee’s! Next to bald eagles and freedom, McDonald’s is a clear staple of American culture. Although I went to Acapulco for the local experience, I had to give these little jalapeno and cheese potatoes balls called Chiliquesos a try. It makes me wish we had something similar in the US.

MCDees Mex Shot.jpg

I allowed my comparison mentality get the best of me because before reaching for an authentic dish, I reached for one of my favorite dishes… sushi. Unlike the traditional cucumber avocado and crab base that is ever so popular in the U.S., Mexico tends to use cream cheese as their primary base on the inside of their rolls (I had a similar experience with dining in Tijuana).

2017-08-11 13-27-33 -0700.jpg

After I killed my curiosity with a couple of meals, I finally started to get into the grove of eating like a local. I started off by going to the obvious place, the beach! Unlike beaches in the U.S. that usually have a small food court to purchase food (then restaurants as you get on the pavement), Acapulco was different.

Quesadillas, Quesadillas de pescado

Nieve de coco por 10 pesos!

Mango con chile!

2017-11-15 21-43-36 -0800

There was a vendor coming to your area every couple of minutes convincing you to buy food! From fresh oysters to micheladas, to ceviche, the beach vendors tempt you with a slew of tasty items; a must try when visiting Acapulco.

2017-08-07 15-22-01 -0700.jpg

After stuffing myself at the beach, I went ahead and visited the Colonia that I was born in, La Mira (named after its breathtaking view of pie de las Cuesta and the beaches of Acapulco.) After many twist and turn, I found myself in a taco shop, Tacos La Mira. The owner and his impressive trompo full of pineapple and juicy meat lit up the room.

2017-08-06 17-05-41 -0700.jpg

Tacos al Pastor

2017-08-06 15-56-57 -0700.jpg

In addition to tacos, Tacos La Mira had a variety of platillos that included a mix of chicken, ham, peppers, onions, and melted cheese!

2017-08-06 15-58-09 -0700

And to wash it all down Acapulco’s exclusive soda, Yoli.


Next, I got to experience one of the most long-lived food traditions; pozole on Thursdays. This hominy stew is a mixture of savory, spicy, and comfort.



After a week in Acapulco I learned a couple of things; never be afraid of the street food, the beachside vendors always have the freshest seafood, and drink as much Yoli as you can because after you leave Guerrero it is impossible to come by it!

Hope you enjoyed this ray of sunshine in this summertime throwback, until the next #TBT!




24 Comments Add yours

  1. I laughed at the Mr. Krabs and the violin cause I’m in Washington state and its already hit like 19 degrees and I’m missing Hawaii from last November! Acapulco seems absolutely stunning and beautiful! The food sounds so delicious, I’m hungry now lol


    1. balboaglor28 says:

      I always love a good Spongebob gif lol I’m happy I made you hungry! That is always a bonus for me!


  2. Jeuelle says:

    OMG, we are headed to Riviera Maya in December again and you made my mouth water with all the foodie pics!! I’d love to visit the Acapulco region one day!


    1. balboaglor28 says:

      That is awesome! It is always good to get some tropical weather during the chilly winter! I hope you get to try some yummy food during your trip, safe travels !


  3. bestylechic says:

    one of the best blog i have seen … so wow

    Liked by 1 person

    1. balboaglor28 says:

      Aww girl you are too sweet! Thanks for the love xo


  4. HuiXL says:

    Thanks for the food recommendations! I’m not too sure when I would have the chance to visit Acapulco, but it looks like an amazing place to go to.


    1. balboaglor28 says:

      I;m glad you liked them 🙂 Please let me know if you ever get to visit!


  5. What a fun journey back to your hometown- so glad you got to relive the joys of such a special place. Everything you mentioned and photographed seems absolutely delicious. Wish we had fresh food beach vendors here in the states!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. balboaglor28 says:

      That is what I am saying! The convience of the vendors is something that we need! Thank you so much for the commnet xo!


  6. Dalba says:

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time! And you definitely enjoyed the food. Its always great to embrace to local culture!


    1. balboaglor28 says:

      Yes! It was a great time and getting to live like a local (even if it was just for a week) was amazing!


  7. ahh how fun!!! Ia m obsessed with posole. Did they serve it cold? In New Mexico we traditionally eat it warm and during the holiday months! It looks like a blast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. balboaglor28 says:

      Believe it or not, we had it hot which sounds fine but Acapulco is like an oven! You are literally sweating in a cold shower! Weirdly it hits the spot lol


  8. shannon says:

    mmmmmmmm…..everything looked delicious. Also mr crabs in the beginning had me loling!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. balboaglor28 says:

      It was so yummy! I always love a good Spongebob gif lol


  9. bestylechic says:

    wow this trip story seems awesome… and am drooling over the food pics 😍❤


  10. Looks like a great tip. And now I want sushi :/


  11. Haha I would love to travel there! Great photos.


  12. Kiwi says:

    Great review of the food life in Acapulo. Its making me hungry would love to have a great vacay here!


  13. beccajtalbot says:

    Ohhh boy! I know this was looking back at an old trip, but it’s got me wanderlusting to go on a new trip there myself! I just had to ask my colleague (he’s from Madrid) what “nieve de coco” was, he hadn’t heard of it, but scrolling down I worked out that it’s the ice cream/slushy looking thing hehe! x


  14. Lorna says:

    Reading this after being snowed in for two days. I could do with making one of those tacos right now.


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