Throwback to Summer: OC Fair

Living in California, season change is all but a myth; it has literally 90 degrees throughout most of October! Still, I feel that with every season comes seasonal trends.. trends that are missed when we are no longer in the season. As we stand in the middle of PSL season and the weather starts to cool down, parts of me start to miss beautiful Cali summers, especially when it comes to food.

If you are feeling the autumn blues, here is a couple of OC Fair foods from my food archives to cheer you up!

Burger Shot.jpg

Ah the classic fair food! Sweet sticky donut, smooth creamy cheddar, and three savory patties; hitting all the cravings at once!

Chix Shot

This one is for the most adventurous of eaters; jelly donut chicken ice cream sandwich. Before you turn away in disgust, hear me out! Imagine breakfast, lunch, and dessert all in one — BAM, you have it right here!

Pizza Stick Shot.jpg

Pizza is one of those food items that become a staple in the average person’s diet. What better way to have it than have the convenience and portability of having it on a stick!

Bacon Maple Shot.jpg

Mmmmm the perfect balance of sweet and savory! It’s a well balanced breakfast in a portable meal.
Nana Donut Shot.jpg

Time for sweets! This banana caramel Fireball donut is the perfect mix of ooey gooey and sweet heaven. The liquor also gives it a warm earthy kick!

Hopefully, these treats can allow you to escape the chilly autumn breeze and put you back in the summertime county fair. Stay warm, summer is just right around the corner!



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