The Ice Cream of Dreamers

If you guys have been keeping up with my Instagram account (whether is be the personal one or not) you can see that my first foodie post was this:

That’s right! After’s Ice Cream right her in sunny SoCal. It all started back in March of 2014 on my daily commute to school. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and all I craved for was sweets (as usual). I flipped through the radio stations and then I heard “ice cream”. All I could think was “ohhh my, I would kill for some ice cream right about now”. My finger puts on the breaks and I continued listening to Ryan Seacrest and Sisanie on 102.7 KIIS FM. This magical dessert that they describe sounded like something out of my greatest childhood fantasies. A donut jammed packed with ice cream and goodies, then ever so gently warmed to melt the flavors together. They called it a “Milky Bun”.

As soon as I parked my car I rummaged through my purse to get my phone and then raced to get on Instagram to find this magical goodness. I typed  in After’s Ice Cream in the search box and there it was. It glistened and made my mouth water, and at that moment I needed to have one. It wasn’t until one month later on April 6, 2014 that i finally got to taste the perfectly crafted perfection of After’s Ice Cream, but from that moment on my foodie awakening was in full swing. As the year went by I kept up to date with the innovative ice cream shop in Fountain Valley, California. It seemed that more the months went by, the most successful they had become. Their followers on Instagram skyrocketed to the thousands and their social media presents, made them a local and tourist destination. Fast forward a year and the media craze of After’s Ice Cream had made them a house hold name. There buzz and Milky Buns has given them great reviews on Yelp and has made the front page of Yahoo! on numerous occasions.  To top it all off their social media success has allow them to expand their business by building new locations and even become a vendor for the biggest festival in music, Coachella.

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#AFTERSICECREAM brings the #MilkyBun to Coachella

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It’s crazy to think that a childhood fantasy could cause such an up roar. Whether it be making a house hold name for themselves, or inspiring foodies (as yours truly), After’s Ice Cream has sparked innovation.


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