A Not So Spontaneous Adventure

Golden Gate BrideIf any of you have been keeping up with my social media you know that Mouth Watering Trance is taking a trip to San Fran! Now originally I am from OC SoCal, so taking a trip up north will defiantly be an adventure, especially for my taste buds! Taking a trip is a great way to expand your taste buds flavor range but being spontaneous, especially having a college budget, does not always work. So you ask yourself, how does a foodie plan a trip outside of their usual food spot, well the answer is easy; friends, Instagram, and Yelp.

As simple as it may seem to use technology to plan your foodie adventures, it may be overwhelming to start your trip planning process. No worries foodies, I’m here to help!

Step 1: Know the number of days you’ll be gone

Step 2: Plan out the main activities per day. (Ex: sight seeing, museum visits, etc)

Step 3: Get a map of the places you are going to.

Step 4: Ask your friends (online or in person) what their favorite food spots are in the place you are going to.

Step 5: Make sure to have a budget!! (going over board is the worst possible thing to do)

Step 6: Have your map, trust smart phone and laptop in arms reach. Start by opening up your Instagram account and searching up a hashtag that will help you with your journey. For example for my trip i used #sanfranciscofoodie. Look at all of the different foodie spot’s profiles or look at foodies in the area to get a good idea of the different joints that are around. Make a list of all of the ones that you must try (include the ones that your friends suggested to you).

Step 7: Have a list of the miscellaneous activities that you will do per day and place them on your trusty map. Now look at the list “must eat” places and organize them on the map as well.

Step 8: Correlate the activities and food joints by time (ex: I’m going to see the Golden Gate Bridge in the after noon , the pizza place near by sounds good for lunch).

Step 9: Go to Yelp and check out the prices and menus of each places to help you budget. Checking out the reviews of the places also helps you see if you need to make a reservation ahead of time, what the hours of operation are, and if they are a cash only place.

Step 10: Make sure their are no discrepancies. Make sure to weed out all of the conflicting places (Ex: I am going to the Castro at noon so I don’t want to eat at the breakfast cafe, instead I’ll try the french bistro).

Remember foodies, there will be those places that will pop up as a local suggestion that you must try, so always have a mini budget for that. But by having a game plan, your budget will be a little more stable and finding a bit to eat won’t be such a headache!

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see the whole adventure unravel. Also if this Internet 10 step planning worked for you, tweet or comment on any of my post or tag me @mouthwateringtrance (on IG) or @mw_trance (on twitter). Let the not so spontaneous adventure BEGIN!!


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