Let The Journey Begin!

So now that we know what a foodie is and how to become one, well i don’t see why we can’t hop on the bandwagon! (If you’ve yet to catch up, scroll down a tad and please do :)) So first things first, we need an electronic device that is portable and is literally where your life is, i like to call this my Iphone (check). We need a blog (check)! Then we need to go to every  social media outlet such as Twitter


Instagram and Pinterest and maybe Tumblr and establish yourself in the sea of media. (sorta kinda check?) Then you’ll need some type of money and a good appetite to sniff out all of the places near by! Finally you need fans! When established, they will come for you, but for now go to them, get them followers! Now that we know and started the journey, give it time and give it plenty of attentions. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

To interact with me more, suggest food joints, or just strike a lovely conversation make sure to follow me on Twitter @mw_trance , Instagram @mouthwateringtrace, and Pinterest @mouthwateringtrance .

** Comment of the week: @MariaAponte  “Please post gourmet Mexican food”

Miss Maria i defiantly will! New post coming up on my Instagram during the week about “Home cooked Mexican food and Gourmet Modern American”


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