The Technology That Sprouted the Foodie

The different media
The different media

Now that we know what a foodie is, the real question is what has allowed these adventurous beings to thrive?! The truth lies in The smart phone…

Ahhhh the smart phone. Our lives in one metal and plastic device, so small yet so powerful. Without the smart phone, apps would not be at our finger tips. And without apps the modern foodie would not exist! I have looked at countless food blogs ranging from here on WordPress, to Pintrest and even just googling random ones, and what I have narrowed down are the 6 most common social media platforms that most foodies use to acquire success with.

#1 Twitter- Where it started all! One of the first media platform that were taking picture of food was accepted and even low-key worshiped. It is was and still is a very important app still in use today by the foodie community.

#2 Instagram- Food blogging at its finest. Instagram give foodies open arms to go wild on photographing their food and gives them the power to suggest what restaurants they are obsessing about.

#3 Yelp- The Google for business, especially restaurants. Yelp gives foodies the power to discover new restaurants and promote the ones that they love.

#4-5 WordPress/ Tumblr- These two blogging tools help foodies put all of their comments into one place! Pictures, thoughts, hashtags, links, all here in one place.

#6 Pintrest- Not just for planning your future wedding, Pintrest allows foodies to keep all of the different blogs they look at and other websites in one little compact library.

Thanks to the smartphone and the apps imbedded in it, foodies have become social media monsters that have had various success and inspired the average Joe to try something out of the box.


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